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Default Finally installed sound deadening on my truck.

Been wanting to do this for years, but I didn't have much motivation. Now between the 5" stright pipe, mud tires, and louder turbo I can barely talk on the phone while driving. Being a little hard of hearing doesn't help. This year we are going on cross country trip pulling a RV and that pushed me to get started.

For material I use Raammat Package #1 and 4 extra sheets of mat. Plus sheet of 26ga galvanized steel to seal the holes in the doors.

I didn't really want to go crazy right off the bat. So I just did the doors and back wall since I'm told those are the worst for noise. I also wanted to seal off the holes in the door to get better sound out of my stereo. I did 1 layer of mat on the outer door skin, sealed the holes, 50% coverage of mat on the inter skin aswell as a layer of acoustic foam. Sealing off the holes in the door took longer then I hoped. I bet I had 15 hrs in just metal work, but my metal working tools where just a hammer and bench vice and I'm far from a metal worker. I did 2 layers of mat on the back wall 100% and 50% coverages. Then a layer of acoustic foam. I stuff some large pieces of acoustic foam inside the pillars on the back wall. I was surprised how much Echo there was back there. I had maybe 8hrs in sound deadening.

I'm real happy with how much better the stereo sounds, but was hoping for more of a reduction in noise. I used a niosh decibel meter on my cell phone to see how noisy it was in my truck before and after. Before at 70 mph I was hitting 67-68dB after it was 65-66dB. A 3dB reduction in volume means did it half as noisy in my truck. For comparison my stock 08 Chevy 2500 6.0L with the same tires is at 66-67dB and I think 60dB with my brand new ATs. I will definitely be going with different mud tires next time. These Goodyear MTRs are the loudest streetable mud tires I've had.

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