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I havenít seen a lot of feedback on Markís LML turbos so I thought I would pop in. I put the 2.5 stg1 on my truck in October. I have about every mod available for the LML on my truck short of a built motor and injectors, and they have always made small incremental changes, nothing that really wowed me. This turbo finally gave me that Wow factor, it is hands down the best mod I have done to my truck thus far. I havenít noticed a huge difference in top end pull which is likely more due to tuning than anything, but the turbo lights so much better and part throttle acceleration is so much better. I give it a little more throttle now and it takes off, no more having to downshift at part throttle. I hope to have mark live tune it in spring and provide some more feedback. The only second thought I have about it is wondering how the 65mm would compare
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