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Originally Posted by gmduramax View Post
What were your egts when coolant got to 250*?
Originally Posted by Yngdmax92 View Post
Also interested in what the egts were. Dont you have alternative cooling mods for the oil and coolant?
1200*. with the 1.15 a/r on the 483, the small turbo never goes beyond 20psi more than what the big turbo is putting out. i dont ever see over 1300* when ran hard up the hills and ive been at 1300* for miles at a time before, not that that helps the situation.

And yng, you name it, i probably have it. Mishimoto intercooler (japanese one, not the chinese), ron davis dual pass radiator, Mikes trans cooler, big 40 plate derale oil cooler and 1600cfm spal fan, b&m 35 stack plate fuel cooler and 1000cfm jegs fan, modded IHI with bullseye s483, solid fan hub, fan shroud sealed to radiator, new trans heat exchanger in radiator, new thermostats, just put new dexcool in, heater hose ran to upper rad hose instead of the coolant y-bridge to keep trans temp down when grade braking (that actually worked well), and im sure some other things im missing. Oil cooler is not in the cooling stack and fuel cooler is under the cab.

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Good drinking beer and hanging out James, it was sure nice to see 50* weather again!!!
yeah aint that no shit! tried to text you the next morning if you wanted to meet us at C-host for breakfast but my signal went to shit.

Originally Posted by ChrisPerry View Post
Have you thought about putting a water misting system in front of the cooling stack and your 2nd oil cooler? I saw a Pikes Peak race truck a few years back, he had a misting system on it and claimed close to a 30 drop in temps from it over the entire climb.

Looked easy to build, had 10-12 misting nozzles with a 3 gallon reservoir and pump.
tried that a couple years ago. it helped but not to the extent i hoped. i rigged up a temp setup with a 5 gal bucket in the bed full of water and a little window washer fluid, a e2000 fuel pump dead headed to 100psi, mister nozzles from sprinkler world and some 1/4" tubing. i had a total of 6 or 8 nozzles all zip tied behind the grill to cover the entire cooling stack. i turned it on from the time i hit the highway till i got to camp. used 3 gallons over 1.5 hour drive time. doesnt sound like much but it would cover the engine with water when the fan kicked on and everything was still very hot. i had pulled over to make sure it was working lol. I still hit 240* on coolant easily and oil temps were 260-270. the new oil cooler and fan actually made a bigger difference.

realistically if i wanted to do this, i would need to ditch my front bumper, build a new one or run an old school type stock bumper setup prerunner guys use to do back in the day on these model trucks, run an decent sized aux radiator and a second oil-to-air oil cooler. thats another 1-2k and that may not be enough. i have 2k in the new radiator setup i have and it helped but didnt make near the dent i expected in temps for the cost. there is a point i draw the line and im about there. dont get me wrong, im miles ahead of a stock truck and running what i would say is 450-500rwhp tune while keeping things that much cooler points to that. Im just getting tired of the same old "stare at the coolant gauge and lets see if the 150ft lbs on these A1 head studs keeps gaskets together" is wearing on me trying to make 600hp work.

Come dune season (next month), temps are a non issue cause outside temps are 90* and lower and hills are far/few between. only 1-2 grades that are just 1-2 miles long. those are 70-75mph in 5th gear, 1200* and 40-45psi every time.
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Mike L is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up.

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BIG THANKS TO: Mike L, Steve, Trent, Guy, Dan, Ruben, Josh H, Scott, Brian and everyone else who has put a hand in to help me.

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