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Default Tow Haul Issue

I have a 2002 LB7 with 243K that is running and shifting just fine. The last two times I have used it to haul my 5th wheel I noticed that the tow haul does not seem to be working right. The light comes on so its not that. The problem is the shift patterns don't seem to be right. Before when in tow haul it would not shift from 4th to 5th until 62 to 65 MPH and now its shifting around 55 mph. Its almost like there is no difference. Also the down shifting does not seem to be working like it should. When going down hills and I tap the break nothing happens when before it would down shift. I did some research and there is a tap shifter you can buy that will allow you to manually shift so that may be an option. Any ideas on what might be happening or what I should do?
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