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There is just an amazing amount of difference between popping a couple good numbers on the Dyno and laying it down frequently on the street or strip.

But, everyone to their own. Your money, your party. All of the aftermarket manufacturers exist and prosper from lessons learned.

The thrill of making power with inadequate parts is akin to Russian roulette. The thrill lasts until the hammer hits the primer.
But.....What do I know.

'04.5 EC/LB 4x4.
Howard Rods w/ oiler hole.
Oval Chambers and valve reliefs cut in Mahle Cast Pistons. 17.5:1
SoCal Stage 2 heads, 3388 Cam, Billet Flywheel, and harmonic balancer.
Danville 68mm VVT Turbo
100 over injectors.
PPE Dual CP3s
ProFab Castflow headers and uppipes.
100 PSIA MAP Sensor
Kennedy dual lift pump.

Dynoed 690 HP / 1200 TQ
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