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Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
That's crazy man I fractured a couple vertebrae in my back when I was 19 took me 4 yrs before it didn't hurt me constantly now a yr later I feel like I did before all that happened . Then I had a bad fall dislocated my shoulder an in the process if trying to reset it my way I chipped the ball an ripped the stuff in the socket. Been a yr an I still can't pick my right arm above chest hieght. Been kinda scared to push my luck going back to the gym. Before the shoulder I used to go all the time never any weight that was note worthy in my book tho. Maybe its time to man up again an try it haha
Andrew if it's healed and there isn't any chips floating around in there have your Ortho guy look it over, If he says its healed and no chips.... Man Up!

Just start with simple arm raises and some light stretching, slowly add stuff in there and listen to your body

The Gym has literally given me a new purpose in life. I truly love it, all of it. I can embrace all disciplines and totally respect people who try... You don't have to be a beast, just try

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