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Originally Posted by TheBac View Post
Switch to bolted stock mounts if you really need to have the extra holding power in them. Yeah, Im being Capt Obvious.

IMO, 600rpm idle is not a good idea, either.
Boy, did that low an idle rattle the absolute living crap out of my truck when I tried Dave's tune. Went back to my old tuning and no issue.

I installed the Merchant Engine Mounts awhile back to stiffen the front frame section, truck handles much better and the front end donkey dance is much less, Viking shocks maybe someday.....

I will check my problem exhaust system, the front pipe where I have my resonator connection might be hitting the torsion bar cross member, again.... The vibration/noise sounded a lot different this time and changes drastically from summer to winter temperatures (only 2 seasons here, summer/winter) that's why I was considering changing the idle, might be time to break out the rosebud torchhead for the exhaust and change the idle...

Harbin_22, thanks for the simple explanation for the DVT controls...

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