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you never had your car.
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Knew I didn't have it in me, but all the guys at the gym think I'm hulk so I tried 385 on flat bench after doing
275 x 5 twice and 295 x 5 once and 315 x 3 once and went straight to 385. Good control all the way down nice and slow, got it off my chest but that was about it. Didn't have the food in me for that one lol. But got a good negative lol
04.5 single cab lly zf6 barely not stock.(the jalopy)
05 single cab lly zf6
Arp studs, welded water pump, 100 overs, dual fuelers, valair 1000 hp triple disc, danville efi live, fass 150, custom single s400 kit,
serious weight reduction
28x10x16 Hoosier slicks on pyos
Down on 2 leaves, t bolts gone.

10.91 at 129mph, 1.577 60 foot
dynoed 743 hp raceweight 5k with driver
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