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I have been double dosing my Suburban with Opti-Lube XPD and the smoking is pretty much gone but the smell is still there. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong blue smoke at idle is leaking tip and hard or no start when warm is the injector returning to much fuel pass the ball and seat. I have never had a hard start problem just the blue smoke. My Bosch reman injectors were installed at 168,000 and I now have 232,000. Way to soon to put out another $3000 plus on parts. These injectors were installed in October of 2015. My better judgement says to put new injectors in with the SAC nozzles but I think I'm going to just do nozzles as I am curious . I know it would be a lot of extra work if I have to pull them back out. Might do a return test while I'm in there to make sure.
Yes, bad nozzles can cause blue smoke from a diesel. High return rates can cause a hard or no start as well as a hung injector staying open. I started to roll the dice on nozzles as mine had 71K miles on them, but in the end I opted for complete units as I know 99% of the shops out there don't have the equipment to balance them, and I wanted to make sure they were as close as possible. And at $1K for a set of SAC nozzles, they would have been an EXPENSIVE gamble.
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