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Default Cracked head rebuild suggestions

Hello, I'm a new member here, so a little background, I have an '05 LLY with 140k, I just got a 5" straight pipe exhaust done in June, truck went into limp mode while my wife was towing a 3 horse trailer, found it to be from the EGR and/or MAF. I got the EGR deleted at this point and got an EFI Live with mild max tune by Idaho Rob. A few weeks later, notice a coolant loss and my garage said it was a cracked head between #5 and #7.

So my truck is parked for now, but I am expecting some back-pay at work to get it fixed. My thought was spending $10k-$15k to get head fixed, transmission built, new injectors and other mods. So if they already are going in to the top end of the engine, what all would you guys suggest getting done?

My mechanic quoted me about $4k for the following:
arp studs
machine work (if it needs a valve job, his machine shop does a stage 1 port job while they are in there no added cost)
Head gaskets
Upper eng gaskets (8glow plugs)
thermostats, coolant etc.

Currently there are no mods to the engine besides K&N FIPK air filter, EGR delete and EFI live
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