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Got some good work done on the van today. Driveshaft is out. Surprisingly, the exhaust unbolted as well, so saves me quite a bit of time vs cutting.

Got the starter out. Wow, that sucks. 30" extension bar is the best tool you can have. Trying figure whether it's better to install a new one when everything goes back together...

Started getting ready to pull the trans. All of the converter bolts are out. Cooler lines are disconnected. Everything is unplugged.

Trying to figure out what to do with this mess. I assume this protects the lift pump?

Small hiccup...I don't have the flexplate housing for the Allison. I'll have to get one coming tomorrow.

Quick Allison came "bare". What should be on the side of the trans at the shifter selector? The 4L85E has this going on.

Sorry, long post.
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