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Originally Posted by WVRigrat05 View Post
Remember how fords used to catch on fire with the cruise set??

Well duramaxs especially LBZ/LMM's crack Pistons.

But yes, high timing, too much pulse width, boost and mainly heat that's caused from all those plays a big role in them lasting or not lasting.

Takes more timing and pulse width to work that 4094 with stock injectors so it's doesn't take long to pop a piston. Not to mention 4094's are known to have a little higher drive pressure.

What causes the higher drive pressure ? Larger turbine ? I've got the Ppe manifolds and up pipes and port matched the ex housing of the 4094 to help eliminate any restriction possible and I was only in the throttle from stop to mid 3rd gear egts weren't even about 1300 st the time it went boom although I've seen1800 with my stock turbo month before. Bottom line I'm asking is the mahle perf cast pistons gonna pop by running the turbo and atp tuning ?

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