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Default Another broken piston. What's the cause ?

So my friend has a lbz dmax with 120k miles on engine and broke and cracked #5 while running 22psi on a 4094stg2 turbo. I took that same turbo and installed it on my lbz dmax with 225k miles and would see 36psi and broke my #3 piston within days. Both trucks are tuned by different people. What actually causes the pistons to break cylinder pressures ? And caused by too much boost or fuel timing ?

I want to replace my stock ones with the mahle performance cast pistons while still retaining the 4094stg2 turbo on my lbz but I don't want it to break a piston again. What's you guys/girls thoughts upon the mahle cast pistons. What kinda hp have you personally seen them handle without failure ?

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