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I'm not sure why you had to do emissions. Mine is an 07 classic and I asked my buddy who does the inspection when he did mine, he told me that me that our truck doesn't require emissions test unless it has a gvcw more than 10k. So the 2500 are okay but not the 3500. I have no egr in it but it passed inspection because it didn't require emissions test. But be warned, in October the state is going to enforce cameras and require all inspectors to put a noise level detector in the tail pipe for aftermarket exhaust for state licensed inspection stations.

For me, I'm just going to drive the damn thing if I fail my next inspection. No one would pass me when I had my 06 because it was "too tall", so I drove for 9 months on a expired sticker lol. Registration was good for another year. Honestly, the state police does not care if you have lift because every one of them that pulled me over told me to keep looking for someone that will pass because of my lift. It's time to get rid of the old f**ks that's coming up with those dumb laws because they don't like it. Freaking cry babies.

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