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That doesnt make sense to me, wouldnt it need a full ground for the FPR to go wide open?

Originally Posted by dirttymaxx View Post
ok some one told me this a few weeks ago,and then i tryed it on our pulling truck. on our pulling truck were running 45 over sticks,and a stock cp3.
now i dont know if any one has posted this already looked around and didnt see it any where,so im going to post it up!

ok i call this the WFO SWITCH FOR THE FPR
what this switch will do,max out the stock cp3 "wide open"
in other words it will let the stock cp3 push everything it can push.
now i didnt use a moded FPR,but i woudl think that if one did it woudl flow a little more fuel. the fpr works off of the ground,on all trucks so the ecm pulses the ground to acheve the right rail pressure.
when the FPR gets power its open all the time.
this is how its done,
you have two wires coming off the FPR one is yellow and the other is purple/white.

yellow= ground
purple/white= 12v +

take the yellow wire cut it!! yes i said to cut it!!
now splice 1 longer wire into one of those two wires being sure to reconnect the two wires you cut back together
get you a on/off switch,take your long wire you just spliced in and hook it to the on/off switch. run another wire from the other pole of the switch to a good ground. mount the switch where ever you want it. and your done .

how to use the switch,
when the switch is ON the ecm can control the rail pressure
when the switch is OFF the rail pressure will incress

hope this helps some of you guys running around with bigger sticks,and stock cp3
if you only splice a switch into the wire and not run a separate ground wire off the switch (changed in red), it wont do anything assuming we are goin off what you said in the bold above.

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