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Default all back to stock....few bugs

ended up working all week and today finally found time to put the stock tune back in, installed all the sensors and reflashed..

at first start up i had a cel, and service exhaust system on the dash, along with 2 codes (P2495 EGR cooler bypass bank 1 high circuit, and P2455 filter differential pressure sensor low volt)

only reason im posting these codes is so people will know where to look if they every go back to stock and see the same codes. Luckily for me, both had to do with loose wiring and bad connections.

started off with a quick drive to appease the "regen in progress". the truck was sluggish and stuttered from a stop. took it home and found a loose plug on the EGR Cooler bypass plug (P2495 which is on the passanger side by the firewall next to the coolant overflow) cleared codes and that one stayed gone. The "regen in progress" went away, and all it was saying was "service exhaust system" no codes. Took it for the 30 mile regen drive. Pulled into the drivaway and and CEL light came on P2455 differential pressure sensor low voltage. This unit is the sensor mounted above the "big can" towards the rear of the exhaust, it has the 2 hoses coming from it, and a plug on the side. Pulled the plug, cleaned it, greased and reinstalled. cleared the codes and that sucker vanished too

the drive must have done the truck on the regen, and all codes are gone..tomorrow morning im headed down to get the "new" truck.
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