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Default Tampa Bay Area Local with EFI Live or Tech 2

I'm looking for a Florida EFI Live or Tech 2 owner to come to my house in St Petersburg and help me diagnose my issues on my LB7. I suppose I could just buy a Tech 2 and learn how to use it but I'm willing to pay someone to come over and do it if they have the equipment and knowledge. Shouldn't take too long, I'm not asking you to hang out all day and stop for a lemonade and enchilada lunch and keep going until sundown, I'm just looking for some balance rates and maybe some pointers on wrapping up an injector solenoid job.

To follow the issue I've been having you can read this thread...

LB7: #1 injector shorted - Page 5 - Duramax Diesels Forum

If you're in the area and you've got the equipment and know how to use it, send me a message.

Thanks a lot!
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