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Originally Posted by Dozerboy View Post
I got killed by a ST10 Charger a few weeks ago. I googled them and they look to be 430hp if it was stockish. I wish he would have slowed down, but from 65mph he didn't have much trouble walking me. Now that I have a boost gauge that goes over 35psi I can be less conservative with my tuning. Not that my rods are going to be happy with me though.

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my buddy had a 16 charger R/T scat pack setup that he had uprated to the 465hp. that boat couldnt keep up with me . he beat me one time YEARS ago before i had twins at the "belmont dragway" in flagstaff. had a little vw 336 taht he hopped up. since that race, he has never beat me since and i make sure of it . He and i built up a 09 vw 2.0 GTi with a ko4, clutch, tuning, ect, ect and that car was quick/fun. he wanted to race me on the tow tune but i knew it wouldnt be enough so i snuck the race tune in without telling him. after i blew his doors off, he got very confused and couldnt figure out what might have been wrong with the car. i couldnt contain my laughter and told him the truth, he was pissed and laughing pretty hard!!

the first time i beat that vw 336 of his at the "belmont dragway", i just had the twins put on and he wouldnt race me. he knew how fast the truck was then. So i said "fine, ill do a no boost 2wd launch". he agreed and i forgot how much more lag you get at 7k feet lol. turbo finally lights and he about the 330 mark. about the 1000ft mark i come right around him with his eyes wide eye. I need to find the video of it, its pretty funny.
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Mike L is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up.

02 LL7 2500HD CC/LB dmax/alli "The Limo"

BIG THANKS TO: Mike L, Steve, Trent, Guy, Dan, Ruben, Josh H, Scott, Brian and everyone else who has put a hand in to help me.

best time to date: 12.39

motor died/bent rods = 3/11/11
back from the dead 7:04pm 4/9/2012

Limo is back in the garage, now driving a built chevy tracker
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