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Default Smack down fail!

Well driving home from the movies with the wife and pass a lifted Lmm all blinged out...Him and his buddy with a old body style ford with 351were cruising to the local mud runs by the house.
Well I'm coming up to a light that I know is going to turn red so I'm prepared for a lil fun
I noticed his buddy in the ford flash him with his light bar and in my head that means smoke this guy lol
Well light turns red and I'm sitting there talking with my wife about the movie and he pulls up next to me bumpers in line!
Light goes green and I accelerate normally and so does he and a split second later I hear him stop it and when he down shifted I was hitting third and rolled into it avoiding the down shift and walked right away
When I looked back I got the light flash as to say good job brother
PS. Well turns out I won the battle but he won the war
I pulled into the driveway and got out to realize my water pump ate itself and was pouring out the weep hole
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