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Originally Posted by Dozerboy View Post
The guy can make a VVT work on a LB7, but not sure about posting pictures or videos! Lol I love it.

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Haha my laptop wont load the video for some reason and my iPhone doesnt even give me the option on tapatalk

I'll be posting to youtube when its all finished. Pulling the turbo back out along with y bridge and a few other items tomorrow to have it all powdered in deep candy blue at a local shop. And after 20k miles if i can prove to my wife i didnt waste my time she's on board with the sdp twins i want to put on it

Also gonna have dyno numbers, 1/8, 1/4 and 0-60 times posted soon. Been really busy with other peoples pickups and trying to finish a drag truck for nrdha before ennis so its gonna be a on and off kinda deal :tired:

Lastly, if anyone has or knows where i can resource 2 lly heads and a fuel rail set along with the ficm and engine bail harness. Im gonna be playing with some fire in the next couple months doing more things that make my wife question me having a bank card
Vgt swapped lb7, street block built by bobby at Mikes performance engine
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