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Ok so this is what I did today,

Un hooked the batteries pulled the radio fuse then hooked the batteries back up. Fired her up. No change in symptoms still getting abs light brake service light it comes on then goes off every 15 secs or so sometimes it stayed lit. Service 4x4 still displays, unknown driver still flashed. Still no obd com, replacing fuse had no effect.

Unhooked gpcm lead and fuel heater lead. Fuse did not blow for fuel heater while unhooked looks like I need a new fuel heater. Truck fired and symptoms still exists although check engine light is on now. Still no obd com.

Finally I traced the fuel heater wires from the fuse box to the fuel heater looking for chaffed/melted wires. (What a pain) I found nothing visual in the harnesses nor anything with the other wires in the harness.

I did find something on the duramax forum late last night
Here is the link

It soesnt explain the door locks and key fob not working but explains the abs, brake service light and no obd com issue.

Thoughts? Thinking of removing mine to see any visual damage/ corrosion?
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