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Originally Posted by Frogman1 View Post
no one specifically quoted me on your pistons. I search my arse off on forums and look at diesel parts suppliers trying to find out what parts are best and what prices I would end up paying comparatively. I saw the numbers cut with the oval bowls and then with reliefs customized as desired. I looked at your process and concluded you're taking the PowerPak uncut blanks and cutting the ovals, with or without valve reliefs as requested. Everyone who's running them expresses nothing but greatness. The only slightly negative statement I could find was about "a slight bit more unburnt fuel at lower RPMs than stock" on an LB7 I believe it was. The goal was to get the highest compression ratio on my LBZ possible without being to risky with my hopeful longevity and performance plan. PPE's biggest since they get Mahle to specialize for them and cut the lips off the bowls is 16.5:1 and the price was not beatable from what I could find. I'm new with this, and taking advice from the forum seniors that seem to have the most knowledge. I plan to Cerekote them when the paint arrives unless you have a better idea that will still allow me enough piston to head clearance. I'm using the "c" gaskets. The block and heads are factory untouched (not planed) and I didn't have plans to take the factory head gasket grooves off the block and reduce my piston/head gap. The machine shop has had the block since the 2nd with plans for cleaning, cylinder PSI leak test for pin holes, and to bore & hone to .020 over. My guess is they haven't started but I'll stop on by tomorrow and see.
Longevity of the pistons would not have been an issue with the Ovals, though the blow by can get high with the higher compression. (18:1 and higher) I sell the gapless second rings now to keep that in check, but that seems to be a big limiting factor in getting anything good out of the higher compression builds..
But.....What do I know.

'04.5 EC/LB 4x4.
Howard Rods w/ oiler hole.
Oval Chambers and valve reliefs cut in Mahle Cast Pistons. 17.5:1
SoCal Stage 2 heads, 3388 Cam, Billet Flywheel, and harmonic balancer.
Danville 68mm VVT Turbo
100 over injectors.
PPE Dual CP3s
ProFab Castflow headers and uppipes.
100 PSIA MAP Sensor
Kennedy dual lift pump.

Dynoed 690 HP / 1200 TQ
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