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Originally Posted by IOWA LLY View Post
What kind of stuff is covered? Is it just for newbies? Or does it get technical enough to help out a guy that has done a lot of tuning already?

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Honestly if you are comfortable enough tuning these trucks in stock form, the class isn't going to yield a lot of 'new' information to you. We start at a pretty basic level to make sure everyone is on the 'same page' so to speak, and then begin building a couple of tunes for a bit older stock dmax and dodge (easier to teach what needs to be known on the older ones - concepts are still primarily the same, though the 'look' of tables might be a lot different on more modern trucks).

I wouldn't want you to spend money and feel like it's wasted because you didn't get anything from the class until the second day, or possibly at all. 2 days sounds like a lot of time, however, it is very difficult to take 20 people start to finish and answer all the questions along the way even on primarily stock setups (have to know those before you can ever attempt anything bigger IMO).

If you have questions, shoot me an email and i'll answer as quickly as possible: Please remember though - NO emissions defeat tuning will be covered on any year or brand of truck for all the obvious reasons. That's not what this class sets out to teach. There are literally hundreds of people and thousands that have bought the book that I give in this class to aid in learning the software and basic "bare minimum" things anyone who tunes a common rail diesel needs to understand that can speak to what these classes are and aren't good for and what they may not be good for if you already know what you're doing behind the keyboard
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