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Not to go against the grain but my build wound up with 14/1 forged Arias cause I got some good deals on here for the Pistons , cam , lifters and several other parts from a member that was getting out of the sport. Flirting With Disaster had sold him all the parts I believe . I was a little concerned at first but once I had it all together and running I can say I am very happy with the results . It's very responsive and pulls extremely hard . The only thing I notice is that the engine needs to come to operating temperature in order for it to run its best . It has a white smoke haze till it warms up a bit then it's clean . Tune 1 is clean driving thanks to Mark Broviak. I'm doing 3.42 gears in it in the next month or so to see if I can get it deeper into the 9s on fuel only . Best time to date was on Tune 4 spinning a bit out of the hole . Gentleman at FWD said the lower compression would allow for a better air charge .
06! GMC Sierra RC Full built motor, carillos, 14/1 Arias W/total seal rings, 9100 AF, SCalTit retainers,SCalsprings,ported heads, SCal pushrods, ARP 625 head studs, O-ringed block, keyed oil pump ,Billet Aluminum Lifters, Harland Sharp Aluminum roller rockers, studded rocker shafts, studded & girdled mains, socal balancer, socal flywheel, PPE Dual Fuelers with twin Fleece 10 mm CP3s , FASS Titanium 260 , 3" bridge, , TrRIPLES----2---S369SXEs .88ARs over a Hybrid GTX 4202R--72mm/87mm 1.0 AR ,coilovers at 4 corners, 36" ladder bars, BD cooler, Exergys w/185% MS 8 hole nozzles ,FF Dynamics fans, PPE mans & ups , MA mounts & TC Brace ,NOS, Full Billet Trans, Suncoast 10531-3D , 3.42 Gears, BT lockup box, 18x9 Raceline Assualts Hooiser Drag Radials 325/45/18s . TUNED by MARK@DANVILLE. Engine by Jason Walker San Marcus Tx Best 60'---1.44. Best 1/8---6.39@105.92. Best 1/4---9.978@136.39
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