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Originally Posted by Burn Down View Post
Id be curious how long this set up can last. Lighter rotating assembly has to be easier on the crank. They did drill a lot out
Are you saying from a HP standpoint or from a miles/run time stand point?

HP it should easily hold 1k with a single as that is what the motor is built for. With a better crank/mains/girdle it would hold anything you throw at it as they are forged cp pistons and carillo rods.

With the rods being 0.202" longer they also take load off of the crank as well as increase dwell time in the top of the cylinder where pressure is highest (creating more tq). I'm curious to see how this girl likes rpm as thats what I built it for indirectly.

I wanted to keep my 3.73 ratio as well as run a 33" tall tire to keep the truck street-able/driveable to the pulls and to work. With that, I either need a ton more HP to run 4th gear OR turn more rpm. I decided on more rpm.

To run 28-30mph down the track with 33s I need ~4400rpm. That means if the track is lose or the sled is light I'll need a little more.
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