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Default 2017 EFILive Diesel Training

Hey everyone!!

I wanted to start spreading the word on the forums for those of you who don't do much on the FaceBook and other social media channels we've been announcing our training classes on. We've been getting blown up this year to hold more classes so 2 months ago we put together a list of 3 shops that we could start holding classes at by the end of the summer and work our way late into the fall.

To that end, StarLite Diesel is proud to present the following EFILive training classes at the following locations and time!

Zimmerman, MN - Jag's Pro Truck Shop - September 23-24th

Great Meadows, NJ - NJDRP - October 14-15th

Phoenix, AZ (slightly outside) Danny’s Performance - November 18-19th

To read up or follow up on any of these classes, just click the links to be taken to our site and sign up!

These classes will follow a very similar format to the 50+ classes we've taught over the past 7 years with efforts at continuing improvement while focusing on the primary fundamental pieces you NEED to know if you want to build your own tunes, even if it's not in EFILive. We feel EFILive provides the best learning platform for both newcomers as well as those with some experience at tuning already in that the software is fluid and easy to use, and concepts are very easy to discuss and demonstrate.

If you've been waiting on us - wait no more!! The September class already has 12 people signed up, the October class has 7 or 8 people signed up and there are a few signed up already for Novembers class. ALL CLASSES are capped at 20 participants - that way we can get through the material cleanly and with minimal interruptions.

All this being said, we will begin working on a 2018 winter and spring training schedule that we will announce in December. If you can't wait until next year, get in now while you can! More locations and places to hold classes that we either haven't visited for a while or haven't ever visited will be on the agenda, but the price of the class will also be on the rise next year as well.


Day 1: Handouts, books, flash drives and begin basic discussion to get everyone setup and software open, and then we will be building tunes together. This could be 9-10 hours this day including breaks. Lunch and drinks will be provided each day

Day 2: Get the cobwebs out from day 1, ask questions to complete discussions and topics covered on day 1, dyno testing our tunes that we built as a class on 2 trucks, then up to 3 hours of "open forum" for questions to be asked and answered, and possible live demonstrations at certain locations of highly modified vehicles on the dynos. Day 2 has a hard cap of 8 hours.

Any questions, please email us as [email protected]!!

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