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Originally Posted by Budneeds2beers View Post
Well my father has a 32X32í with twin, 10í double doors. I can tell you from personal experience its not big or tall enough. I personally would go with a 14í center bay door. I also would recommend going taller to install a loft for storage or area. I would instal a man cave area up top. Bar/kitchenette, couple couches, tv, wall urinal. Down below i would instal a full tile shitter/shower combo right outsided that door i would install a clothe washer (for rags and work clothes) and water heater. The last little space under the loft i would put a tool room/ office maybe? Or use that space as a tool/compressor room with good insulation to dampened sound. Run a halo of air with plenty of drops and a genorous supply of electrical with welder plugs every so often so you dont have a 60í extension cord. Donít skimp on the foundation either nothing worse then a spider crack. I would also add a over head rail hoist. It makes life so much easier picking and setting heavier objects. Metal outside siding and frame is nice it cuts down on fire dangers but sucks for cold winters and hot summers. So thatís something else to address for you is heating and cooling. But good luck to you hope it all works out. Post pictures when your done so we can see how it turned out.
I definitely agree with. 32x32 being too small considering it's not much bigger than my attached garage with 8 foot doors. I don't think I'll ever need a loft to make a man cave which is what my basement will be, or hell, I'll build a tree house to make it in a man cave with suspension bridge to connect to my house from my 2nd floor . I'm definitely planning on having several outlets for the welder and air hose reels.the garage will definitely be insulated and heated since I do work in the winter. It won't be for at least a few years but I'm planning it out and getting it started. Need to clear out my backyard and level it out since it does have a good hill going up. The biggest issue is how much it'll cost me to build, I do have a tight budget for the next few years until I can stop paying 15-17k a year for daycare expenses, no more kids for me. So I'll be doing it one step at a time.

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