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Originally Posted by TheBac View Post
This has to be the longest injector thread Ive ever seen....
I know.. im just so slow, the only time I have is on the weekends and usually a just one day on the weekends.. and its my first time doing this so trying to get all the tools and do things correctly is challenging. But so far so good =D

BUT progress slow and steady..
Got the covers and the injectors off. I used everyones advise and bought a pry bar put it against the rail and it too so little effort I was amazed.

Took someone elses advise on youtube and glued a torx on the end of a 1/4 ratchet. This gave me just enough space to get to the furthest bolt on the lower valve cover next to the driver side firewall:

Each injector I pulled out was nastier than the last:

So turns out some of the injectors are stupid stuck. Here's a bent injector tool:

Since I didnt want to break the tool, still good for any not-so-stuck injector, got this other tip on youtube and it worked so well. Take the end of an air hammer bit and stick it in the hold down, grab your 3lb hammer and give it a tap. It'll pop right out:

Doing the general things while im in here, I looked up how to clean a ERG cooler. Boy did it work. If anyone else is doing this , get your self small tub and a gallon of purple cleaner and just leave it there overnight, worked so good I put the valve covers in a tub and I'll get to it next weekend:


Questions for ya'll
1. What is this and where do I get a cap for it :

One of the cups came out with the injector.
2. How do i get this cup off the injector its stuck pretty good:

3. Do you guys recommend I work on pulling all the other cups out too, I got a blind puller and a mac tools p99 steering wheel puller kit, I read that combined I should be able to use pieces of each to make something that will pull them out. Just want to see if this is necessary or recommend?

.. now just waiting on my new injector lines to arrive before I can start putting things back together
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