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I have a cell phone charge plugged into thi cig lighter. It has power and works. I have checked all fuses with a fluke. All are good in both panels except the fuel heater fuse that was blowing. The obd has power but no communication as the edge is powered through the obd and will power up but fails to connect. Same thing with my scanner....
New day and progress. Even though it's 6 degrees outside I decided to pull the EBCM off to inspect it. It actually does not look terrible but here is the good news. With it off the truck I decided to try hooking my ege back up. At first it would not communicate. I tried to start the truck and it would not fire... pass key lock was illuminated. Tried again and the pass key lock blinked several times and the truck started. Restarted the edge and it connected. Pulled the codes off the truck below is the list. Some I cannot read.

P0090- fuel pressure high
P0193- fuel pressure sensor high voltage
P0540- air intake heater
P1626- unknown
U1800- unknown

I cleared them and the U codes came back I'm assuming they are abs related with the module being removed.
Power door locks are now working as well as the key fob and all gauges are working again. Passive lock symbol is illuminated while truck is running not sure what the deal is there.

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