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Default S371 to S475 conversion.

dAVe3283 is correct. Convertor and tuning will fix it. Ran a few different s475ís and each one I had to adjust tuning every time, convertor restalled made a world of difference too. You donít want the convertor locked that low of speed with that turbo setup. These guys telling you answers, like Ne-max, more than likely have been through the same scenario and already have done the trial and error.
EFIlive dsp5 by me, Built trans by me, 68 danville, stock fuel, lifted. died 6/20/2013 Cracked piston. Best time 12.75 on fuel

Alive 11/15/13: lowered, Built motor, s475, plenty of fuel, plenty of spray. Tune 3 fuel only 11.84 @114, Tune 5 little bit of spray 11.45 @ 121. Both times with melted turbine wheel, loose turbo from pedestal with blown out flange gasket. .
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