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Default 2.8 Baby Max High Horsepower Hardware / Performance Parts

Hello all,

I'm in the middle of a custom build that doesn't need to be on a heavy duty truck frame and am considering a 2.8 LWN as the power plant in lieu of the 75k mile duramax I bought for it. The motor is drop in ready, but to build an LBZ would "in theory" cost twice as much in parts, yes I know it will probably not be much cheaper to build an LWN since the parts are different and are new to market. My build is more of a offload/"zoom zoom" toy so losing the extra weight and space wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm also considering getting a 2.8 canyon or colorado as a daily driver. I read the Mechanic's thread on your twin turbo set up and build and it was a great read, but I was left wondering about what parts are coming to "fully build" this smaller power plant.

Since some of you are definitely in the know more than me from reading that thread and your knowledge/connections in the aftermarket arena, I'm wondering if you know how soon more performance parts are possibly going to enter the market? Searching online I'm getting very limited return results for high horsepower (/torque) parts for these engines so far. I saw Meshanic used forged rods in his build, but any idea on cast pistons (mahle or someone), girdle, duel fueler kits/increased volume fuel pumps, girdle, main caps, high hp bearings etc that are being developed and a timeline? From what I've heard so far there are reports of tuned and higher hp engines developing a crack or holes in the pistons when pushed harder. I also saw today someone posting extergy 30% over injectors, but those were individually custom alterations, so I emailed them about whether they plan to add it as an always available product. I also reached out to screaming diesel performance about whether they or anyone else has any plans to bring aftermarket high power performance mods to market soon / what types of products are in development. I understand it may be in their best interest not to share specifics of their design goals if so, but I was hoping they could provide me some insight into what to look forward to and a possible timeline. Thanks for any insight you all have and enjoy, hopefully some guys have some good insight into these questions!

07 Chevy LBZ Ext Cab
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