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Default Broken ZF6

Ive been hearing a little bit a whine coming from the trans for about the last 3 weeks. Was planning on changing it out last saturday but it was too hot to work in the barn so i put it off and went up north anyways. Drove about 3 hours up north stayed the weekend and then came back. Sunday i ran up town to grab some food and on the way back i did a couple hard pulls in 6th gear. First one felt good slowed down a little and did a second one, right around 100mph and 70-80lbs of boost she let go. Coasted for about 2 miles and tried puting it in fifth gear it went in so i rolled a couple stop signs and was able to make it home. Got to the driveway stopped to turn in and tried puting it in 2nd and the truck didnt move at all. Put it in 4 low and then back to 5th gear and it chugged right into the driveway. Pulled the trans out monday before work and pulled it apart this morning. Found some major carnage to the counter gear and that was about it. Should have it back up and running by the weekend if i dont send this other one out to get cryo treated which im thinking i might do. This will be the third trans in the truck.

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