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Originally Posted by ripmf666 View Post
Still the cost for the parts a 2nd time when it takes out everything you just replaced really sucks. You will be money ahead to get a single Lbz replacement piston and run it and save up money.

Your going to drop 2,150 then +60.00 Weight matching of all pistons within 0.5 grams which I would not do the machine shop can when weight matching everything to balance.

You would be into Lb7/Lly Pistons for 1050.00 plus the cost to delip them or race cast for the 1,600.00 area.

Overhaul gaskets, bearing set 800 area.

We over a few budget builds for about anyone. One of our best selling bundles is the Brian crower rod kit with race castvor upgrade to finger bowls all gaskets and bearings.


Also these refresh kits work great.


The gaskets will be free beside heads. Those are like 40$ each my cost. And I'm in my trade about 1000$ and getting 2200$ pistons so I don't think I'm doing to bad on the deal. If I can sell more toys prior to rebuild then I might do rods might. But I don't foresee making anything over 600whp and be tuned by either atp or Ppei so i think the rods should be fine although I'm unfamiliar with the breaking/bending point it of the rods

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