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The MATCO MaxMe I'm using with a current GM subscription doesn't seem to have the ability to look up various PIDs. I can do a scan of the vin, and go into the various systems. Can reset ABS/SRS, reprogram the amplifier, perform specalized functions on nearly every module/system. But when I'm in the ECM section, it only gives me the options I listed above that have much of anything to do with the injection/etc... I can't find any pre-populated parameter to scan that is main injection duration. Just a little frustrating as I'm sure it exists if I could find a way to search all available PIDs. I even tried the regular EOBD scanner portion instead of the GM specific selections. The available scan items are minuscule,(~5) and I don't see an option to search for other choices.

Anyone who has experience with the MATCO scanner is much appreciated if they have some pointers.
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