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Default Crank, no start LBZ swap

Well, running into a wall and looking for some collective help.
Everything is swapped on my 03 from the previously swapped LLY to a full LBZ.
I do have a MATCO MaxMe scan tool which gives me just about all the Tech II functionality, but not 100%.
Here is what I have:
Wiring verified correct and checked three times per this thread:

Initially had a security/theft light, but went through the marry procedure and it is now fully out.
In the scan section of the BCM, I can see it shows no security light illuminated, VATS shows 5.0V before moving to start and shows about 2.8 v and a Monitor Passlock after start. Not clear to me if that is normal behavior or not.

I bring that up because I suspect some issues getting it to put fuel in the system. Cranks strong but no variation in sound of partial ignition/etc.. so that is why I suspect no fuel getting put in the chambers.
Engine was tested running before it was pulled for me - still have that video.
Crank and camshaft sensors should be ok as nothing was done and harness wasn't really touched.
Fuel Injectors were flow tested before installing this motor which I also did a HG job and head studs.
So motor should be good, injectors were verified good and wiring all checks out best I can tell.

Fuel system is fully bled, no connectors appear disconnected, So I'm stuck.

Happy to answer questions and try different things.

No DTC codes that aren't expected - I see the EGR and Intake heater codes as those are removed. I do have a glow plug circuit #2 - so one glow plug must be bad, but those are the engine related ones.
Don't have the scanner history in front of me, but pretty sure all the BCM codes are now clear/not populating like when I was ensuring the BCM was married to the ECM/Key.

'03 CCSB GMC 2500HD 4x4 w/LBZ swap. Lowered 6", work in progress!
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