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So I found some time to tow with this truck. The trailer was roughly 4K lbs & I was on the stock tune. It has plenty of torque at part throttle in the low rpm range but if you wanted to get up to highway speed fast it would need to be tuned. I wrote a tow tune for it that is very mild but really helped it get up to cruising speeds effortlessly. Made another revision that helped it out a bit more. I then had my wife drive it while I data logged it & got her opinion on it. Her daily is a Pontiac G8 Gt so she's used to throttle response & high rpm hp, both areas where these trucks are lacking stock. She asked why does it wait so long before it goes? Well the answer is low boost fueling & emissions crap don't work well together. I worked on that a bit & had a tune that worked well enough without creating any soot accumulation codes with some city & highway driving. I wanted a little more response & added a bit more fuel down low. That felt great but after a morning of running around town enjoying that it kindly asked me to continue driving while it cleaned the exhaust. I did that but soon got a reduced engine power message.
Looks like it's time to move on to the fun stuff
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