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the G80 will replace your locker... Dodges used them... they're supposed to be stronger.

I have friends that run all four - Stock, moser, SCS and Tony's.

With the SCS, one is a 2.6 truck and one is a 2.8 truck. The 2.8 truck snapped one two weekends ago. The 2.6s look alright but they haven't had a chance to really hook on em yet. I think these are a fair bit stronger than stock and probably a happy medium between stock and the ones Tony has.

Another 2.8 truck is running Tony's and hasn't hurt them yet.

Another 2.6 friend has Mosers and he broke one (it's twisted) AND the diff. guts a couple pulls ago. I think they are only marginally stronger than stock but they are less than that price you just mentioned for stockers also. Won't be much good if they're out of stock though.

Good luck

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