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Originally Posted by ecc_33 View Post
I didn't know moser made axles for our truck? Doesn't SCS make axles too?
I thought moser did, I might be wrong though. SCS I dont believe makes axles for the AAM 11.5" not last I heard at least though. But the general concesus from the dodge D80 guys seems to be they wont hold, lots and lots of twisted shafts, even in 2.6. The rest of the stuff they make is bad ass though. The problem with there d80 shafts is there the same size as stock, just beefier material. Haisley's 37 splines seem the way to go for a D80 though. I was going to run a D80 with SCS's until I did a little research. So I picked up a AAM 11.5" up for $300 instead.

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