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I'm running aftermarket -10 tranny lines with OEM stock LMM cooler, I did put heat reflective sheathing on the cooler lines near the exhaust..
I avg 80-90 above ambient temp... Most I've seen is 130 over ambient(, 210-220 total temp mid- upper 80s that day...)stop n go dragging 28,000lb Trailer

I Have a trans go jr and 280psi main line spring installed as well.. no noticable temp increase after JR kit and main line spring.. over last ~100,000miles

IDK if I'm norm or exception...
mispeeling wrods n a thraed nere u
07.5 3500hd RCLB LMM GT4088R, 4.56 gears 225/70/19.5 efi live 478k broke block
99 FL60 8.3 12v 13sp
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