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Originally Posted by Yngdmax92 View Post
You guys would never believe it, I tested all the fuses on this truck with a test light showing that was all good. Here's the super scary part, I still was having issues so i dug down deeper and actually separated the fuse block and I started seeing large amount of green build up. Turns out and in my theory that this fuse panel was submerged in battery acid. It was already at a shop, and the shop specializes in body work. Digging deeper into the front left of the truck. Seems it was in a accident at one point in time and the batter exploded into the fuse panel. I was pulling out a couple relays and the prongs were broken off and corroded on to the fuse box.

So, non the less a new one is coming and hopefully that will solve all the issues. Truck had some really weird things happening.
Doesn't necessarily have to be an exploding battery to cause green stuff under the fuse box. My '07 when it was only a year old had the a/c quit working. It was the first time I had gone to use it after the winter. Turned out I had green stuff on the bottom of the fuse box that ruined the connection between the relay and the fuse for the a/c compressor. No idea why this happened. Got a new fuse box under warranty.
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