Thread: LBZ: Vibrations At Idle
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Originally Posted by TheBac View Post
Switch to bolted stock mounts if you really need to have the extra holding power in them. Yeah, Im being Capt Obvious.

IMO, 600rpm idle is not a good idea, either.
Boy, did that low an idle rattle the absolute living crap out of my truck when I tried Dave's tune. Went back to my old tuning and no issue.
Funny, that idled smooth and quiet for me, but that was on the stock motor mounts in the original application. Different chassis must have different resonance.
Originally Posted by c20elephant View Post
Drives and rides much different, so what you're saying Brian is the polyurethane bushings in the Merchant mounts do not tie the frame sections together via the engine and makes no difference compared to the stock rubber bouncing blocks in the OEM mounts.? Never seen a lower crossmember, have a picture of it.?
It might help tie things together, but ask yourself, do you really want your engine to become a stressed member of the frame? What would it do to the block putting stress through it that was never intended to go into the motor? Luckily, I don't think the MA mounts transmit that much force into the motor if/when the frame flexes.

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