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Originally Posted by paint94979 View Post
Any of you guys that weld a lot or by profession wear SCBA or use HEPA filtered air from a pump?
i do not but i am not welding all day every day and frankly, when you are welding in confined spaces like i usually am with cages, suspension parts, etc, there isnt enough room. i fight my helmet left and right already lol. My garage door is either all the way open or half way open with the swamp cooler blowing air from one side of the door so it passes around the back of what ever vehicle im working on and out the other side of the door (big U basically). When its winter time, i just use it as a fan to circulate air.

AZ still sells chlorinated but i learned in Auto, back in high school, just how bad it was for you so ive never bought it. Since i dont TIG, i dont brake cleaner to spray anything off. if its dirty, it gets cleaned up with mineral spirits and dried. Certainly shouldnt be doing it while the weld is still hot.
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Mike L is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up.

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