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Originally Posted by Muff View Post
This is excellent, great job, I hope everybody takes the time to read and appreciate how much work you put into this.
Thanks Cody!!
I kept track of wheel swaps up to the TS/wicked wheel in the ported/polished housing along with doing the porting/polishing work, but after that I stopped b/c I didn't see the point, haha. Just doing that put me at 40hrs and that was less than half the time I put into it. Hell, thanks to my conversations with James I went through all the wheels a second time, but that was to see how they did towing. As much as I cursed James for giving me something else to think about I'm very glad I did.

I have SO many hours of EFI live data its scary!!!

On a side note, my quickest wheel swap time was 2 - 2 1/2 hours. That was bring the pickup in the garage, doing the work, and then driving it out; yes hot motor and all, haha. I had some burns at times but not bad.

What's a turbo...

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