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Sorry that I haven't added anything but I did the BMW65mmStg2 LBZ with the LBZ sized 10-blade turbine and started the testing only to have an issue with the dyno itself and that stopped my testing in it's tracks last week. The nitty gritty info is that dropping the turbine size cost me 10hp across the board and bumped the egt's up about 50-75*. I am going to try and get the dyno fixed and continue but I'm running out of time as my race is in two weeks and I need to get it finished and back in the truck and some miles on it. Regardless I will continue the testing with it on this motor or I will grab another one.

Well, took the control valves apart and got them fixed and re ran this turbo(It is actually the same turbo that I run everyday on my LML) tonight and with the dyno working correctly the numbers are different than before. So Here it is.

Recap Stock LMM Core turbo
Tune1 435Hp 781ftlbs 25psi boost 1300degrees max
945us 14degrees
Tune2 495Hp 941Ftlbs 29psi boost 1500degrees Max
1130us 16degrees
Tune3 520hp 1033ftlbs 31psi boost 1600degrees Max
1175us 17.5degrees
Tune4 550hp 1105ftlbs 33psi boost 1670degrees Max
1310us 19degrees
Tune5 450hp 850ftlbs 30psi boost 1400degrees Max Way over fueled!
1525us 20degrees

BMW 2.5 Stg2 LLY based turbo

Tune 1 482hp 843ftlbs 26psi boost 1400*

Tune 2 532hp 950Ftlbs 29psi boost 1500*

Tune3 563Hp 1001ftlbs 31psi 1600*

Tune 4 604hp 1093ftlbs 33psi 1650*

Tune 5 645hp 1240ftlbs 35psi 1650*

BMW65mm Stg2 LBZ Reman

Tune1 473hp 830Ftlbs 25psi 1500*

Tune2 532Hp 960Ftlbs 30psi 1600*

Tune3 573Hp 1018ftlbs 32psi 1650*

Tune4 631hp 1138ftlbs 34psi 1750*

Tune5 650Hp 1305ftlbs 40psi 1730*

So as you can see, with less fuel you have a little less power because it takes more drive with the smaller turbine and larger compressor than the 2.5Stg2 LLy reman turbo but as you add the fuel then the bigger compressor really starts to shine! Tomorrow I will get a 68mm on it. Stay tuned!

Check out the video of Tune 5 and pay attention to the hp read out when the run stops and the dyno pulls the motor back down you can see the power really shoots up because the rpm is coming down and the boost is increasing. This little tid bit is important because it is part of the whole cylinder pressure issue that guys don't get to see or know about. This is what happens on a shift like the 4-5th gear or 5th-6th gr and your "safe" 500hp bends the rods and you can't figure out why. This is part of the reason I dyno my stuff the way I do so that I can see all the important info I need to. If you notice this dyno run was technically almost 40secs at full throttle from start to finish.
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