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Originally Posted by 04jimc View Post
Just traded a 07 tahoe that had a rough country leveling kit. Must of came with new bolts or they might have sourced their own longer ones, but either way the bolts through the spacer that hold the strut to the lower control arm were way too long and had been grinding away at the shaft part of the front axles. Like a lathe. They also put the battery in backwards and couldnt figure out why the pos and neg cables wouldnt reach. Instead of noticing the battery needed spun 180* in its tray, they tore each cable out of its retainers and clips and MADE them reach the terminals in the wrong spots! Makes me wander if they probably hooked battery up wrong first.
I've seen the leveling kit lathe too, they never understand why their cv's are wrecked and ball joints are shot either. This last one had both the swaybar end links broken off as well.
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