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Originally Posted by 496 BB View Post
So this is on a 2003 Suburban with bose and xm radio. I want to add a usb port for playing mp3 files off a thumb drive. I know you can buy the iReady setup but Im not needing all that other crap and the price that follows it. I know there is a mod where you can connect a 3.5mm jack into the xm module behind glove box. Now what Im wondering is can I then connect a 3.5mm to usb adapter from there and use my thumb drive? Only question I have is will the module/radio read the thumb drive and play the music or no? Im thinking the 3.5mm jack mod works because the phone plugged into it would act as a processor and the jack is just a gateway for playing the music thru the speakers. Maybe Im wrong I dont know. Thats why Im asking here. Hey BEN where you at!

If that doesnt work Ill just get an XM
the 3.5mm jack is an analog audio input. you want to read data from a usb drive and play audio files from that. it's a bit more complicated than just adapters. to use a thumb drive full of files requires something that can decode the files and turn them into the audio stream that will come out of the radio, so you'll need to shell out the $$ for that iReady box.
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