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Default Lb7 going crazy electrical ecm? Bcm?

Let me say that I have been using this forum for years and just now joined do to an issue that I have not been able to solve by searching the forums.
Here is what is going on.

Last week I started the dmax up it was a cold start( single digits) truck fired up, drove about 30 miles shut it off came back and fired it up 2 hours later drove 5 miles shut off fired up about hour later drove 35 miles. All with no issues as it always has. Came back to it 2 hrs later fired it up and it shut back off in about 2 secs, retry same thing, did this about 5 times, checked fuses and was blowing fuel heater fuse, replaced several times kept blowing. This went on for about 15 min until boom fired and stayed running.
Here is where the baffling part starts, after starting got the message un known driver, service 4x4, abs light on, battery light on, brake service light comes and goes, randomly chimes, power door locks do not work. Power windows work intermediately , key fob does not work.edge will not connect to truck. Powers on but can't connect. Scan tool will not connect either

Here is what I've done so far.
Cleaned ground on driver side frame, checked that grounds on engine block and rear frame were good and tight. Replaced ignition switch ( was going bad anyhow)
Pulled fuse box and made sure no critters were in there causing problems. Un hooked batteries for 1 hr, disconnected edge all to no avail. Some of the symptoms have come and gone some stay everytime the truck startes different symptoms happen. I listed above what is consistant. I did get the edge to con next one time and it said that my truck was running an OS That was not supported....

I'm baffled and don't want to throw money at it. Any ideas would be great.

P.s. I know I look like a noon but I have researched this for probly 10 hrs over the last week and have yet to solve this.
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