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Default Allison coolant lines through the radiator or not

i have a large transmission cooler that i used to have in my LB7 that i removed and plan on putting in my LMM.

it measures 27" wide by 18" high and about 1.5" thick.

here are some photos of when it was in my LB7.

I really liked the way it ran, the transmission temp gauge hardly ever came off of the bottom of the gauge. even when towing. only time if i would see it move (160ish*) is if i was in some long stop and go traffic in 100* weather. all other times it stayed at the 150* mark.

the engine temps also seemed to stay a little lower too. probably because the radiator is not having to deal with the transmission temps as much.

now, my question is, i am wondering if it is worth it to bypass the engine radiator all together on this installation. or should i route it through like stock routing?

if i bypass it, do you think this cooler will handle all of the heat of the transmission? will it have a hard time warming up in the winter? i live in the sacramento, CA area so my winters are not all that cold.

I was also thinking if i freed up the transmission cooler on the engine radiator, would it make a good remote oil cooler? i am guessing that the connectors may be too small for an oil cooler even if i changed out the threaded connectors on it

so what do you think? route it the same? bypass the water to transmission cooler? will the water to transmission cooler work well as an engine oil cooler?

thanks Jason
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