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  1. raceghost

    Allison 5sp: Nightmare in Idaho, Built 5spd killing Transfer Cases

    Hi all, Bare with me, this nightmare is killing me. Truck has been down for 3 months, Killing my hotshot freight business due to truck being down. Initial prognosis back in October: (this was diagnosis by local transmission shop, and other mechanics) Allison 5spd slipping in 4 to 5, TC not...
  2. raceghost

    Allison 5sp: Newb Transmission questions & issues

    Hi guys, So I have had my 05 LLY for about 5 years now. Transmission has never really had issues. I have been running the Bully Dog GT with Crazy Larry tunes for that period. Recently trying to switch over to EFI Live and make some power. Most of the time for the last 5 years I have only...
  3. raceghost

    LLY: 2500HD 3500HD Transfer Case Differences if any

    Hi, I have heard 2 different perspectives on the LLY Transfer case that comes in the 2005 HD's. COuple people say that there is no difference in the part numbers from a 2500 to a 3500 truck. Others say the 3500 is a more industrial or heavier duty unit than that in the 2500. I have a 2005...
  4. raceghost

    LLY: How to safely Lope a Duramax?

    HAHA... Rookie question for the day for you all. Is there a way to make my duramax lope like a dodge without doing a 12/24 valve swap? Asking for a friend?
  5. raceghost

    Tuning Writeup Call Out Challenge

    Hi guys and gals, As the title says, Tuning Writeup Call Out Challenge!!! I have been a member of a completely different tuning forum over in the Turbo gasser world, and was part of ROM disassembly, Table Writeups, labeling, and definition files. That forum is the world renown tuning...
  6. raceghost

    LLY: 52 Gal SuperTank Fuel Level Sensor Scaling

    Well, that didn't go as Driven around the last 2 days on E with Light on, figured I maybe had 5 gallons in the tank when I pulled onto the 4 post alignment rack to do my work.... As to try not to make a mess, we used the air jacks to lift the rear of the truck in the air to get...
  7. raceghost

    My first tune file created for the LLY

    Hi guys, I created my first tune file, it is the Mcrats 20/20 tune, with some performance adjustments in the Boost Tables vs fooling the boost tables like Mcrats does. I did use Mcrats Pilot Injection tables like it has in that post, but I also updated the Max Injected Quantity tables as well...
  8. raceghost

    EFI Live V2 missing data log script

    Hi guys, New to learning EFI Live and tuning my LLY. You will start to see a lot of my posts as I find things and then ask what they do. I have read a lot on here and still reading. Made Mcrats 20/20 tune last night, and went out to check it out today and was going to log with my unit...
  9. raceghost

    Speed Limiter Adjustment Questions

    Hello all, Quick Question in relation to EFI Live and Speed Limiter Adjustment: I have Tables: H0105 Vehicle Speed Limiter Upper H0106 Vehicle Speed Limiter Lower H0107 Vehicle speed Limiter I have Tables: B0725 RPM Limiter Upper B0726 RPM Limiter Lower I raised the RPM Limiter tables by 250...