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  1. rcr1978

    Recent topics/posts help

    How can you see a list of recent post’s (like a few days or more) after your last visited time has been updated to the current day? Your last visited time gets reset easily if getting distracted for 20-30m New posts tab only gets you back to your last visited time and todays post tab gets you...
  2. rcr1978

    LB7 upgrade turbo's

    Seams there are a few new ones making there way around anyone try these? The waste gate arm broke on mine the other day and I have a lot of time building my twin kit it's all stainless and...
  3. rcr1978

    Sonnax Trim valve and spring kit

    I was looking through Sonnax's stuff and found this Sure looks similar to the transgo kit except the little springs and check balls, unless they are in the valve already crimped in so they don't come out, instructions even have you drill...
  4. rcr1978

    Torque plate for rent

    I had to buy a Socal torque plate to double check clearances on my motor, obviously it will be a while before I need it again at least hopefully:D. So if anyone needs one and doesn't want to buy it like I had to I would rent it out. Terms will be based off of individual basis, if you are a...
  5. rcr1978

    Torque plate needed

    Looking for a torque/honing plate to rent or buy, will probably order one from socal or BHJ tomorrow if I can't find one. I'm putting my motor together and while measuring the bores it's tighter than I like at the bottom of the 12&6 o clock head bolt holes (.0016-.0018") on the odd cylinders...
  6. rcr1978

    Looking for 2015.5 stock files

    I'm looking for stock file for a 2015.5 long-bed particularly a Fuel system calibration of 12667413 or 12657683 if anyone is willing to share? Thanks Robert
  7. rcr1978

    Edelbrock Heads

    Anyone hear anything about the Edelbrock heads? If they are priced decently I may think about trying them, the Brodix ones are out of my motor budget. My LB7 had a leaky cup that caused water/steam erosion pretty bad on one cylinder and don't think the head is even worth using anymore it was...
  8. rcr1978

    Duramax aftermarket ecm?

    Anyone heard anything on these? Definitely out of my price range but may be a option for a high dollar LML build fighting with the factory LML pos ecm. Doesn't makes sense for the other models since the existing tuning software...
  9. rcr1978

    Flashing 2011+ TCM's

    Has anyone tried to full flash a 2011 up TCM (T14)with EFILive yet? The TCM in my truck is intermittently taking a vacation verified with a replacement from a identical truck thought it was wiring at first then traded TCM's with another truck and the problems followed the TCM. I'm not wanting to...
  10. rcr1978

    LML Stock Tune File needed.

    Does anyone have a 2011 cab/chassis tune file for a LGH? I would think what I have is pretty common but I can't find any through all the tune files on the 4shared site. The truck is a SRW 3500 4x4 with a manual floor shift, extended cab, not that I think it matters because I thought they all...
  11. rcr1978

    Victor Reinz head gaskets wave stopper vs mls

    Anyone tried the wave stopper gaskets? I was looking around at different gaskets and saw these listed. I guess they are still a MLS but with stamped in waves?
  12. rcr1978

    Need some help with some GM options

    I have a 2011 Cab and chassis LGH, I'm wanting to add some options and need some help with part numbers and if some of them are even possible. Vin# 1GB5KZCL3BZ237949 1. I want to add the DIC buttons, left panel, and new headlamp switch so I can add some foglamps. I tried both switch...
  13. rcr1978

    Opinions on putting a motor together

    On my 04 (LB7) I've been running around a 500hp tune since 06 and the head gaskets finaly give up, upper hose stays hard all the time now. I know I'm for sure going to do head gaskets and studs so heres the deal if I do it the right way the whole motor has to come apart to have it powerhoned...
  14. rcr1978

    4L60E what's needed

    I'm helping a friend out that just made a long move to Nevada and his trans shit on the way, It's a stock 2002 GMC Sierra 5.3L with about 113,000 miles. We pulled it out and found a stripped sun gear shell wich is common I guess, everything else looks really good except the seal for the output...
  15. rcr1978

    CP3 ID #'s??

    Anyone no how to ID CP3's wanting to buy one from Vibe a member selling tons of goodies :D But I want to make sure its not a LB7?LLY. What numbers off the tag say what it is? Thanks
  16. rcr1978

    09-10 Allisons anything changed?

    I just picked up a 2010 and my buddy goy a 09, I was wondering if anything internally on the trans has changed from previous year 6 speeds? I question this cause eventualy both are gonna get a stage 4 kit from MikeL. For now they are going to get just a Transgo Jr tell the new business starts...
  17. rcr1978

    Steel Buildings who have you used?

    Well I'm getting some pricing on steel and pole buildings, surprizingly the steel is cheaper :confused:. I have heard of some steel building scammers and don't want to be a victim who have you guys used and what was your experiences? I'm currently interested in Olympia steel buildings, building...
  18. rcr1978

    Tranny limp questions

    Why does the 6 speed trannies not limp like 5 speeds? The old ones if slipped they say ouch and throw a code, the 6 speeds don't ever seam to limp until it's real bad at least thats what I hear. I'm pretty conservative on my tune compaired to others so I personaly have not destroyed my 6 speed...
  19. rcr1978

    MAF timing

    Anybody tried MAF timing yet versus MAP? I was just thinking about it I bet it would be killer for spoolin fast as some very lazy timing numbers to be put in the low boost areas, then the grams per cylinder (higher boost) is up your off to a better table. 3 to choose from based on boost low...